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The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native speakers. It is intentionally designed to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment.

A student under the name of joe_tokyo_jpn wrote a text for MEDIUM BLOG about The reasons why he thinks TOEIC is useless. In Japan, regarding the English language proficiency test, many people tend to take TOEIC. (Short for “Test of English for International Communication”.) This is widely believed that people who have a good TOEIC score are fluent English speakers. He disagrees with this idea because of the following reasons:

1. TOEIC has only listened and reading part. Not only English, but all language communication is also composed of 4 parts;listening, reading, speaking, and writing. TOEIC doesn’t cover all. When you use English in a business field, speaking and writing are crucial skills. If you don’t speak fluently, you can’t negotiate. If you write an email with your limited vocabulary, your email looks really cheap and you don’t get trusted by your business partner. But, most Japanese companies still deploy people who got high scores in TOEIC in a global team. Though some people are really fluent, most of the “TOEIC” people don’t have enough skills in speaking and writing. This will end up with failure in business negotiation etc.

2. The process of elimination works. Hence, TOEIC is no longer a language exam. It is like a “puzzle game.” If the question starts from “Do you” the right one should be Yes/No. Once you master this formula, you’ll get a clean sheet in the listening part. The point is, examinees, don’t have to improve their listening skills.

By considering 2 points above, do you still think TOEIC is effective to measure one’s English language ability?


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Online TOEIC Rater says

"I worked at Educational Testing Service Cons: Holistic scoring expectations can be erratic and inconsistent, different supervisors will have different scoring expectations for the same project, scheduled hours can be greatly reduced during off-peak months, part time hours, no benefits, mediocre pay, good as supplemental income only"

Current Employee - Online TOEIC Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time for more than 5 years Cons: --Scheduling is the main problem- no consistency in shift assignments, shifts are cancelled at the last minute, might get 100% of shifts you signed up for or 10%, so you can't depend on this job as a primary source of income --Also they never give raises- the $15/hr will probably stay like that forever lol,"

Current Employee - Online TOEIC Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time for more than a year Cons: The inconsistent hours are terrible, especially when you have to pay bills and/or raise a family. It makes life even more stressful. Also, the CSL'S (content scoring leaders" are ridiculously lazy and not at all helpful. There is also a lack of advancement/career progression opportunities."

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